Process & Methodology


The key to a successful search completion is a successful search initiation. Our process enables us to achieve key milestones early on in the search life cycle, laying a solid foundation to ensure targeted and effective recruiting. This thorough process ensures a strong slate of candidates for every assignment. (Note***: The below time-frame only serves as a standard guideline. Normally our successful search assignments are accomplished at a much shorter cycle time than indicated here.)


Weeks 1–3

Initiate Search

Assess Organization & Position

Meet Key Constituents

Develop Specification

Develop Strategy


Weeks 2–5

Identify Candidates

Contact Sources & Potential Candidates

Screen Candidates

Conduct Preliminary References

Review Report on Progress


Weeks 6–9

Qualify Candidates

Heavy Recruiting Continues

Conduct Interviews

Conduct Detailed References

Review Progress


Weeks 9–12

Select Candidates

Final Reference Reporting Completed

Client Interviews & Debriefing

Continue to Engage Backup Candidates

Offer Negotiations & Candidate Counseling