Coaching & Executive Development


The business world is constantly evolving, so to remain competitive your organization and its people need to constantly evolve with it. CORBAN is all about people and capability, and how we can work with you to magnify the power of human capital in your organization. Evolving means learning…because knowledge gives people the power to shake off the 'ordinary' and become 'extraordinary'. To help your people become extraordinary and achieve more for your organization you need people to the power of 2.


When you partner with CORBAN to implement Coaching and Executive Development (CED), the difference is our people. Our highly trained consultants can advise you on the best systems, processes and tools for all your learning or talent management solutions, large or small. The combination of CED's powerful functionality, with CORBAN's expert advisory and support service, ensures that you optimize the benefits from your new Learning/Talent Management System (TMS).


CORBAN is passionate about learning and the benefits it delivers to your organization. Our Learning Development proposition is designed to empower your people by multiplying their knowledge, skills, capability and focus. CORBAN has an impressive track record in designing end-to-end learning solutions, strategies and frameworks for organizations that have identified the need to increase the capability of their people.


CORBAN's global pool of facilitators, trainers and coaches enables your organization to deliver effective and consistent learning programs on a regional or global basis. This managed service provides your business with 'one partner' to deliver quality, consistent but localized learning programs. As a part of an 'end-to-end' solution or as a stand-alone managed service, CORBAN empowers your organization to deliver scalable learning services through the provision of facilitators, trainers and coaches. We also offer specialist assessment, career planning and transition management, skills development and training as well as systems to identify high performers and provide mentoring and coaching. We provide both content and learning systems to drive learning programs.


CORBAN will increase productivity of your employees and help your organization retain quality people through quality learning. Furthermore, we'll make the administration of the entire process easy, efficient and cost effective. Our training and event management service is designed to provide a consistent, 'end-to-end' service for learners and managers in delivering a seamless learning experience that maximizes learning impact and value for either business as usual services or major projects. CORBAN works closely with Learning professionals and associated third parties to focus on the operational and tactical requirements of getting the right people, to the right place, at the right time, to receive the right training. In doing so, your organization's business leaders are freed to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the logistics and reporting.


CORBAN has a world class reputation for assisting large and small organizations to achieve superior performance via testing and assessment of prospective and existing employees. We provide employers with the widest range of tools available to assess the capabilities, aptitudes, personalities, cognitive and behavioral patterns of individuals in order to best develop strategies in the areas of talent management, recruitment, development and succession planning.



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